Future Projects

I have two projects in the hopper.

The first project: My next fiction book is going to be a sci-fi / murder mystery set in the near future. Think: The world forty years from now. As I flesh the story out, I’ll try to provide more details but it will be a departure from the “Sons of Texas” world. I have some cool ideas and I’ve very excited about trying my hand at the mystery genre.

The second project: This is where I could use some help. Right now the details of how I do this are a little loose but I’m planning on compiling a series of humorous oilfield stories and jokes from some of the characters I’ve known over the years and putting together a book. That being said, I know there are other roughnecks and company men with whoppers to tell. So, for the oilfield comedians out there, I’m opening it to any in-laws, out-laws and friends you know that might have a funny tale to tell. My promise to you is that I’ll change the names and gloss over the company identities so as to protect the innocent (and the stupid.) My motivation behind this is that I believe that there are too many funny tales dealing with the challenges of drilling, midstream, upstream and working to not capture some of the organized chaos and give us all something to laugh at.

To that end, if you are an oilfield guy, or you know one, and you have a funny tale I’m inviting you to email it to me at rob@thestarsatknight.com

For those that do, don’t worry about making it look pretty. Just tell me about it in your own words and I’ll clean it up, embellish it a little and fit it in if I can. If you want credit for your story, I’ll add a contributed page at the back and not tie the tale you spun to it. (We call that plausible deniability.) If you’d rather keep it anonymous, I can do that too. If you know someone that has a worthy tale, please send this invitation to them and ask them to contribute their knee-slapper.

I have no timeline on when I might cut submissions off but until then let’s mud up and drill deeper until we get a kick of humor on the backside.

Oilfield, I leave it to you. Make me laugh.

Remember the Alamo,

Rob Bartley

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