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An Extra Christmas present for my friends and fans

Merry Christmas! I hope each of you has started that gentle slide towards the holidays as the gravity of expectations meets the realities of the day. I know that this year, more than most, has beaten us unmercifully with uncertainty and chaos, seemingly at… Continue Reading “An Extra Christmas present for my friends and fans”


Each of us has that person who is challenging to shop for in each of our lives. Well, I’m doing my part to make your life easier. I finally have the first two books out in all of the formats that I have worked… Continue Reading “MERRY TIDINGS I BRING TO YOU AND YOUR KIN”

Happy December news

Not to be overly dramatic but I just received the email that my audiobook for “The Stars At Knight” is live! The narration and voice acting is done by Toby Tomplay. He and I had an excellent time working on the book and I… Continue Reading “Happy December news”

It’s a little like Christmas eve

I have to be honest. I’m pretty excited right now. When I wrote my first book, there was a lot of ‘hope’ baked into the mix, to be honest. I hope I can finish the book. I hope that it’s a good story. Once… Continue Reading “It’s a little like Christmas eve”

The “Dark Jury” is now available for pre-order

“Not every Evil defeated in Texas’ dark history has stayed Dead. Evil forces have amassed and are making their moves against the Knights of Texas. Mason Richardson, the newest protector, appointed by the Spirit of Texas, is once again pulled into a maze of… Continue Reading “The “Dark Jury” is now available for pre-order”

Sometimes progress is measured in microns

One of the things I enjoy about the human condition is the fact that we are driven to pursue progress. Even something comfortable and entertaining becomes dull and predictable after enough time. If you disagree, I suggest that you let a 3-year-old pick the… Continue Reading “Sometimes progress is measured in microns”

And so October arrives…

As I sat at the firepit in the back yard, nursed a Long Island Iced Tea and looked at my phone, I received the notification that from the site I’m doing my audiobook through that the last of the production files had been completed.… Continue Reading “And so October arrives…”


Since the release of the book, more time to do things hasn’t magically appeared. I still have a 9-to-5 to maintain, kids are starting school, and the air conditioner died in mid-august. I don’t say that to elicit any sympathy. Because one thing I’ve… Continue Reading “HOW DO YOU EAT AN ELEPHANT?”

“The Star At Knight” is now available

The Book has been launched at Amazon in both paperback and Kindle format. For KindleUnlimited readers, it currently free to read. Now, more than ever is a great time to spread that to any Kindle buddies you have. As of today, the book has… Continue Reading ““The Star At Knight” is now available”

It’s time

I remember the first time I played Dungeons and Dragons. It was with my friend Daniel Wade. We were both pre-teens messing with the AD&D red box set. Daniel’s mother had bought it for him, and he and I were determined that we were… Continue Reading “It’s time”