About the author

Rob Bartley

Rob Bartley grew up south of Dallas and has always been destined for weird things.

He has an art degree, designed websites for the US bankruptcy court, done prison ministry, been investigated by the Texas Rangers for arson and played hockey on a team made of cops and FBI agents. That’s just a list of things that happened to him in the 90’s.

He has 20 years of experience working in oil and gas. A decade of that working on the personal oil and gas holdings of T. Boone Pickens. (Yes, that Boone Pickens.)  He’s drilled some great wells, some ‘ok’ wells and few dry holes.

He loves Ice hockey, Jiujitsu, shooting and playing D&D with his friends and kids. He plays board games, reads a lot and is generally an unapologetic nerd. 

He’s been married to his lovely wife, April, since the Stars won the Stanley Cup. He has 5 sons, two dogs and a deep love for smoked meat. He brews his own beer, rolls his own sushi and, as of now, has written his own book.

Where the future leads, God only knows. However, he’d like to point that all of that stuff happened in Texas.

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